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age of wushu zinc mine

Age of Wushu Zinc Ore?

Yes if u learn the mining job then u can click on that egory after press key "i" u can find out where zinc spawn then go to that map and press key "M" and check the line below the map to show icon of mines around the world. Do same with lumber fishing and maybe poison ingredients.

Age of Wushu: Crafting/Gathering/Cultural Tutorial

With Gathering Skill you can mine orewood materialFishing and ... Age of Wushu. Accessories and Attribute 1 WPCs and Attribute 1 Beggar Market Skill 1

Age of Wushu Girl plays Sweet Child o& 39; Mine on a GuZheng ...

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Age of Wushu Kidnap - YouTube

Just a couple of kidnappings in Chengdu the second one a shaolin tried to get involved in.

Age of Wushu Life Skills Crafting and Gathering Guide - How To

Age of Wushu like many other MMO games offers much more than just action and combat. Crafting of course is a basic element and Age of Wushu present players with an extensive system to craft ...

Miner Age of Wushu Wiki Fandom

The Miner is a gathering life skill that allows the player to mine for ores and minerals from various mines lo ed throughout China and to smelt ores into ingots. Players learn the skill by purchasing it from a Miner Life Shifu. The price will depend on what other gathering skills the player has already learned. Upon learning the skill the player will receive the title Mining Novice and can ...

Age of Wushu were can i mine zinc

Post subject: Re: were can i mine zinc. Post Posted: Fri Aug 28 2020 12:49 pm Joined: Fri Aug 28 2020 12:45 pm Posts: 1 Offline: Nice to know this post with the ...

Age of Wushu Zinc

however i found one gold mine in one area and it was well hidden and the only gold mine in that area or that i have found in the game in any area. and my first thought when i found the gold mine was "mark it on the map and tell no one". so zinc might be the same. there might be zinc mines in the game but the only people who know the lo ions ...

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